HOA Annual Assessment

Walthall Creek Annual Assessment

The annual assessment for Walthall Creek subdivision is the lowest of any development in the area at $85.00 a year. Assessment payments represent the revenue the HOA uses to keep our neighborhood looking fresh and inviting. You can help by paying on time and volunteering your time to the HOA to accomplish the goals for Walthall Creek.

With residents who care about their neighborhood and its presentation to the world, the HOA will finally be able to accomplish this dream.


Statutes of Virginia require compliance with property covenants for each section of Walthall Creek subdivision. Homeowner Association bylaws require that members pay an annual assessment on each property owned in order to share the cost of common area maintenance.

Your assessment payment goes toward maintenance of the entrance, landscaping, signage, fences, lighting, irrigation, and grass mowing for Walthall Creek subdivision.

Thank you for your continued interest in keeping our neighborhood one of the most sought after in the area.

If you have any questions, check our calendar of events for our next HOA meeting. Everyone is welcome.

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704 301 7245, 804 704 5723

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