Our Mission

The Walthall Creek Homeowners Association's mission is to bring together residents of Walthall Creek to maintain our neighborhood's character and quality. The purpose of the HOA is to ensure that the investment we all make in our properties is maintained by serving as your governing body to enforce community standards. We love our neighborhood and want to bring together the entire community in an effort to sustain the quality of life we have enjoyed over the years at Walthall Creek.

The Value of a Homeowners Association

Do you wonder why you have a homeowners association? Your association may be your best tool to protect the value of your home and the quality of your neighborhood. The association strives to do many different things which includes controlling the appearance of the neighborhood by taking deed restrictions seriously and by vigorously enforcing any significant infraction of those restrictions.

What does it take to keep a neighborhood attractive and nice?

The most crucial factor is the willingness of men and women who make up the association's board of directors to enforce the rules. If the rules are not enforced, the neighborhood will look drastically different over time as the varying degrees of what constitutes acceptable standards are determined by every individual homeowner in the community. Without restrictions, some people would leave garbage in their yards permanently, never maintain their homes, park cars and boats on the grass in their front yards, park motor homes in the street for years, leave construction unfinished, and make every kind of bizarre, structually unsound remodeling project you can imagine. These are very real examples of problems faced by many subdivisions.

Purchasers of homes in Walthall Creek make a decision to buy into a lifestyle and surroundings which encompasses many things outside the home itself, from the subdivision entries to the look and feel of their street as they drive home. They all purchase with an expection that their property and those in their community will be protected by restrictions set forth in the covenants.

Be proud of your community and join us at the Association to give back to our community by participating in our mission to create and maintain a lifestyle we can all be proud to be a part.

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704 301 7245, 804 704 5723

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