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PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS SITE IS NO LONGER UPDATED. AS OF JULY 31, 2015, THE COMPANY HOSTING OUR WEBSITE WENT OUT OF BUSINESS. WE ARE CURRENTLY LOOKING FOR SOMEONE TO BE A DESIGN/CONTENT MANAGER FOR A NEW WEBSITE. Please call Erik or Merrilea Goulet at 704 301 7245 or 804 704 5723 for more information or to volunteer. You can also email

Welcome to the Homeowners’ Association document section! Read our "President's Letter", "Annual Meeting Minutes", and "Walthall Creek Initiatives", The Homeowner’s Association wants to share information with the entire community by posting information in this unique portion of the neighborhood website.

We have restricted this area to Walthall Creek residents only. If you are a member of the community, contact us to get an access code. We encourage you be an active member of your community. We really need our entire community to stick together and keep our neighorhood one of the best to live in in the Chesterfield area.

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704 301 7245, 804 704 5723
704 301 7245, 804 704 5723

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